I bought an air mattress off the super for 20 bucks. The previous tenant left a chair behind. What more do I need?

I do miss my things, which are currently somewhere in Ontario en route. I’m an obsessive unpacker. Until then I’ll be envisioning a spot for the bed, a spot for the desk, the couch, and on and on.

I haven’t settled on where I’m going to write about Vancouver, or what I’m going to write about it, or how often. I’m currently reading Charles Demers’s “Vancouver Special,” full of the kind of intelligent insights only a sharp stand-up comedian could have about his surroundings. It’s serving as an important introduction to how the city has operated socially and politically. Demers is about a year younger than I am, and as such, his thoughts on the near-past and references to an ’80s childhood are instantly identifiable. Comforting.

I really wish I had my desk. I’m ready to concede that I’m the type of writer who needs set parameters in place before he can function at his best. Right now I’m sitting on the floor with my laptop propped up on books in order to give the CPU fan enough room to keep the processor from overheating. I heard the author Richard Bausch give a talk one time, and he said that writers need to learn how to write under any condition. He illustrated the point by mentioning that he’d written work while holding a baby in his lap.

I went to the convenience store and bought a plastic bowl of Corn Pops and some plastic cutlery, which means I now have a bowl that I can fill with the organic cereal I bought at the co-op, and a spoon to eat it with. After hanging out on the Drive for a bit, I’m thinking I’ll have a lot more to say about organic foods.


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Joel Crary is a 30'ish 21st century writer living in Vancouver, British Columbia. He enjoys films, mostly. View all posts by Joel Crary

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