I had the first real kind of “flying” dream last night I’ve ever had, but in accordance with every other dream I’ve ever had that comes close, I didn’t have the ability to fly so much as keep myself from falling. Wind is always a factor. I jump and ride the air flows. Sometimes I ride them too high and I feel like I’m going to hit the earth like a rock, so it’s always terrifying. In last night’s dream I was able to ride them fairly low and keep riding them for a sustained period of time without falling. It all took place on the grounds of and in the streets near my old public school. It was pretty exhilarating, though I wish I could have a dream in which I fly without worrying about death.

I have one recurring dream that my teeth crack into pieces and fall out of my mouth. Beyond this, I don’t really remember my dreams as well as I used to. After 30 years of them I suppose I’m kind of getting used to the idea that I have them.


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One response to “Flying

  • Asha

    I’ve only had the flying dream once or twice. It was pretty goddamn liberating at the time, because I think something scary was going on… and “oh, no.. just gonna leave this business…”…aaand gone!

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