I’m red. Paris is sunny and hot and I forgot to put on sunscreen yesterday, so I could pretty well lead Santa’s sleigh right now. Burnt to a crisp or not, yesterday was an eventful jaunt around the city on a free walking tour led by a wisecracking Scottish guy.

Paris is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. The opulence goes on and on for miles. This is the city of the Elysian Fields. This is the city the Nazis didn’t have the heart to burn to the ground. It’s Heaven on Earth. There’s no other comparison that would do it justice.

We walked up the Eiffel Tower and then took a lift to the top. Today, we went back to the Champ de Mars park and ate cheese and baguette and drank red wine while we played backgammon in the grass. We went over to Père Lachaise cemetery and despite what Andrea says or has on video I found Oscar Wilde’s grave with no assistance whatsoever. The bonus surprise was finding Georges Méliès’ grave, which wasn’t getting nearly the attention that fool Jim Morrison’s was.

We’ve been trying to save money by buying our food at grocery stores. We did our laundry at the nearest laundromat and someone who didn’t speak English helped us figure out how to use the soap dispenser. I’m plumbing the recesses of my high school French education for pieces of dialogue when I need it, and I find I’m doing well. As silly as it sounds, I wasn’t expecting France to be so… French.

The Metro is efficient and extremely easy to use. The museums are free tomorrow. It will be my last day here before I head to Amsterdam, where I am going to spend a day getting my head back on straight.


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