No pictures as I’m using a French computer in our hostel in Paris and it doesn’t have a USB port. I’ll add some later. The keyboards here are all out of order. I have to press the Shift key to type numbers and periods, and the A and Q keys are reversed. Anyhow…

I liked Dublin quite a bit and found my accent changing slightly as time wore on, as ridiculous as that sounds. I’m half Irish on my mother’s side, as she was born to a Crary and an O’Toole. While I was at the tourist information centre in Dublin I approached a gentleman who was operating a geneology booth. I had him look up the name Crary. The name can be traced to the Tyrone area in Northern Ireland and also in Scotland under the name “MacRory”.

Andrea and I went on a pub crawl to four bars and a club, all located around the Temple Bar district of Dublin, which is in the centre of the city just south of the Liffey River. Conversations with strangers were had and friends were made. One of the Aussies drank too much and our guide was firmly telling one of the Americans to leave at the end of the night. The Aussie followed us to one more bar, The Temple Bar, where he was promptly ejected by a member of the staff.

Things I’m learning about Europe: Don’t expect that drinking in a place like Dublin gives you a licence to be an ass. The people who work in the bars in Dublin are professional ass ejectors. They have businesses to run. They’ve seen your kind before and they’ll see hundreds more, and they’ll know exactly what to do with you.

That’s not to say that the night didn’t get ridiculous at times. Dublin is a city where people go to party. The downtown area has a high student population comprised of travelers and attendees of Trinity College, which is right next door to Temple Bar. It’s also a city where one loses track of time. Much to our surprise, we got in around 3:30 in the morning.

The next day, Andrea, myself and our new chum Simon went on a walking tour of the city. We checked out Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, the 40 steps, Trinity, St. Stephen’s Green and a score of other places.

I think it would be utterly boring for all if I restricted myself to talking about the places I went. I realize they’re just names to most. I’ve also been trying to avoid taking stereotypical pictures of the places I’ve been going. Anyone can look up a picture of the Eifel Tower on the Internet. Here’s a rather nice one.

I went there today. More on that next update.


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