Dublin and Wicklow

Picture 003

I had an outstanding experience today. Andrea and I went on a bus tour of the Wicklow mountains (the west shore cliffs were too pricey). The last stop on the tour was a cliff high above Loch Tay, which is referred to as Guinness Lake due to its colour. A storm cloud was quickly approaching and it was extraordinarily windy, so much so that my sunglasses jumped from where I had hung on them on my shirt. We were hundreds of feet above the lake and I had to keep a death grip on my hat. The rain came, but we could actually see it approaching off the cliff side opposite in a large sheet, as if there were a perfect division between precipitation and dry land. It felt like I was encountering nature head on. We ran back for the tour bus and couldn’t believe what we’d just seen as the rain splattered against the windows. I almost had it on video, but my camera battery conked out.

We also visited the ruins of an ancient monastery and a dock on Dublin Bay that reeked of fish, and we walked around the Wicklow national park. Andrea got her fix of P.S. I Love You film locations. Our guide was named Martin and had a sense of humour. Tour guides are their own breed of person.

As for Dublin, we toured the Writers’ Museum yesterday and I touched James Joyce’s piano. The museum had first editions of Dracula and Ulysses as well as a signed copy of the latter. After eating dinner at a pub, we went to the Irish Film Institute for a screening of “Moon”, which I quite enjoyed and will write a review for when I have more time.

I haven’t been writing in my written journal that much, and I’ve been thinking that it’s probably because I usually write in it when I’m alone. It’s my travel companion. This time around I have Andrea to talk to. I also think that I’m going to need some time to relax and think before I can put what I’m experiencing into perspective.

Picture 001

That’s me, sitting in the Stag’s Head pub and drinking a pint of Guinness, which is something I wanted to do before I turned 30.

One more night in Dublin. There’s a pub crawl afoot…


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