Yesterday the four of us traveled out to Doune because I wanted to check out the castle used in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Above is a shot of the section used in the scene where Herbert is confined in his room in Swamp Castle and the guards are posted to make sure he doesn’t leave. For context:

It was such a thrill to see it and explore the grounds and interior. The castle was also used for the Castle Anthrax and Camelot musical footage, as well as the first scene of the French taunting and the swallow dispute. I tried to figure out where they had placed the camera in certain spots. I made a bunch of videos and took a heck of a lot more photos that I’ll post when I return.

Doune is a small Scottish town of about 1700 people. After checking out the castle, we missed the bus and spent some time in the local hotel pub, where we watched five or six local older Scots drink and take the piss out of each other at the bar.

Andrea and I just arrived in Dublin and are at an Internet Cafe trying to figure out where to head next. The letters on the N and M keys are completely worn away. Our check-in time at the Barnacles Temple Bar hostel isn’t for another couple of hours. In addition to seeing some museums and such, we’re planning a day trip out to the shore. Everyone has been telling us to check out the Cliffs of Moher. It’s on the other side of the country, so we’ll have to figure out costs and gauge how limber we’re feeling after a night of drinking. Drinking, after all, is what one does in Dublin.

My knee has been bothering me. I’m not used to the amount of walking I’ve been doing. It will be interesting to see if I’ve lost any weight after this is all said and done.

More on Dublin later.


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2 responses to “Doune

  • Heather Windsor

    Enjoy Dublin!!! I stayed in Temple bar the first 2 nights we were there..the area is fun. There are some awesome bars in the area you can pretty much pick any one and you’ll meet some great people.

    Porterhouse (there are a few around Dublin – but one is on Parliment street in Temple Bar district)…it was lots of fun and it has about 4 floors of seating!

    I wish I could remember the other place we went to while reminded me of the Phoenix back when it was good..amazing music (lots of brit rock/pop), younger crowd, friendly and lots of drinking and dancing. I know it was on Lower Camden Street/Wexford and the entrance was just off one of the side streets between our hotel (Camden Court) and Kevin Street Lower. If you can find it, go! I had more fun there than I ever have at a club/bar.

    If you can get out to see the Cliffs, I highly recommend it! It’s worth it, and it’s breathtaking!

    • Joel Crary

      We had a great night out last night. We ended up at a club of some kind, but it was one of those places where the dance floor is more of a suggestion than a solid fact. Oh, and it was a microbrewery with a gross approximation of Guinness. Gross, as in “Ew. Gross.” But it was much fun all the same.

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