Abbey Road – Piccadilly Circus. I forgot about those two.

Andrea and I spent the night in Shrewsbury, birthplace of Charles Darwin and home of Pete Postlewaithe. It’s a town of about 80,000 people and was given its name to reflect its status as a prostitute hangout. Lots of narrow streets bordered by old buildings, the kind I was expecting to see. There’s also an old movie theatre suspended on arch supports. The British theatres are the best I’ve seen. Each typically shows only one or two single films at a time.

It was very nice to see a more rustic counterpart to the bustle of London. There are fields of sheep and country roads that swerve dramatically. We drank to excess in a hotel bar, played cards and read aloud in accents from the books on the walls. An officer pulled us over on the way home for speeding and a busted headlight.

We’re leaving for Edinburgh today. I have a special mission in mind for that city.


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Joel Crary is a 30'ish 21st century writer living in Vancouver, British Columbia. He enjoys films, mostly. View all posts by Joel Crary

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