Not much time to update, as I have 6 free minutes left and Andrea and I have to get moving. I remember back updating my user profile after a vacation back in my old Telnet days. To save space, I’d only include the gist of places I’d gone, things I’d done and expressions that came out of the time. So here goes:

Tower of London – Dickens’ House – Walking along the Thames – Ed Andrews – Cocksworth – Creme Egg Candy Bar – The Magnum Ice Cream Bar from the Ad – Tower Bridge – Rose Theatre Excavation – Globe Theatre – Tate Modern – Meredith Frampton – Marcel Duchamp – Andy Warhol’s Cow Wallpaper – Platform 9 3/4

That will have to do for now.



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Joel Crary is a 30'ish 21st century writer living in Vancouver, British Columbia. He enjoys films, mostly. View all posts by Joel Crary

One response to “London

  • Ehch

    Oh, how wildly envious I am of you right now! Thanks for the update – I’m glad you & Andrea are having such an action-packed time of it already. I’ll be checking in for more details while I gear up for my own trek across the pond!

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