Stone Temple Pilots in Ottawa

Bluesfest is going on in Ottawa right now as part of the city’s string of summer concert festivals. I’m going to Europe in about a week, so I’m trying to curb my spending. Once I found out about the lineup I thought about seeing Stone Temple Pilots, since they’re a band I was a pretty big fan of in the 90’s. They’re playing tonight. I used to record their videos onto VHS tapes and I own all of their studio LPs.

My top five favourite Stone Temple Pilot songs:

Church on Tuesday
I Got You
Ride the Cliche
Sour Girl

When I was a teenager, STP losing their edge were one of my greatest rock and roll concerns. The huskiness of Weiland’s voice and the crunch of the guitars disappeared by great leaps from album to album, probably because people criticized him for sounding so much like Eddie Vedder. “Big Bang Baby” sounded so far removed from “Dead and Bloated”. My friends ridiculed the later records for their flightiness and lack of intensity. To STP’s credit, it’s not a move that a lot of today’s post-grunge acts would make. I can’t imagine Nickelback recording “Pop’s Love Suicide”.

STP always felt undeservedly second-tier. Everyone regarded them as a band given the spotlight because grunge was still marketable and chugging along. I don’t know if they ever saw their full potential, even after putting out five records. I was a big fan of what the DeLeos and Kretz did with Army of Anyone (I won’t mention Talk Show), but I was never into Velvet Revolver. Hopefully they’ll move on to new stuff instead of resting on their laurels.


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